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UK Government Manufacturing Call - COVID-19

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Dear Knowsley Manufacturing Network

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis the UK Government is putting out a number of calls to action for manufacturing businesses to support in the fight against the virus.

At present, we must prioritise the most crucial areas that the Government requires support in, with a huge focus on rallying those who can help in the production of:

  • medical testing equipment
  • medical equipment design
  • protective equipment for healthcare workers, such as masks, gowns and sanitisers

Any support from manufacturers that could potentially alleviate the burden on our NHS is priority during this time.

Similarly, any manufacturers who have warehouse or office space for medical use or storage or the capability to provide manufacturing equipment are encouraged to volunteer their spaces and equipment during this time.

If your company has expertise or can support with IT, manufacturing, construction, project management, procurement, engineering or communications, then please get in contact with more detail of these capabilities.

The government is also procuring requests for transport and logistics for moving goods or people, alongside offers of hotel rooms for isolating NHS staff.


If any manufacturers within the Liverpool City Region feel they have the capabilities listed above to volunteer your services head to and apply via the government portal.