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Attending an Interview at Morgan Ryder

During your search for a new employment opportunity, via Morgan Ryder, you will have the dedicated support of a Recruitment Consultant who specialises within your field of employment.

They will have first-hand knowledge of recruiting candidates with the same skill level and experience as you, for a range of organisations across the UK.

  “The professionalism of you and your organisation makes the transition process from hopeful applicant to a successful one most rewarding. There are periods during processing an applicant where a “dead calm” exists, when nothing appears to be happening. Due to your enthusiasm and attentiveness this was never the case, I would not hesitate to recommend your offices to anyone wishing to expand their horizons and further their career.”

Product Assurance Engineer - Aerospace Manufacturer  

The interview with your consultant will be very much stage one of the employer’s selection process.  Your consultant will be responsible for selecting candidates for the client/employer to interview on a personal recommendation.  Once the consultant is familiar with your abilities and aspirations, they will be in a stronger position to help you in the future.

If you are attending an interview at Morgan Ryder, please bring with you the following information:

•Full updated CV

•List of professional achievements

•Certificates or other proof of qualifications

•List of companies you would like to work for

•Details of recent applications

•EU/UK Passport or Work permit and driving licence, if applicable

At your interview we will be looking to gain a full understanding of your experience and achievements to date, and also establish exactly what type of position you are looking for i.e. location, industry, sector, salary etc.

Following your interview we will review our current vacancies and present you with the most suitable.

If you have any questions regarding you interview please do not hesitate to get in touch.