ELE Advanced Technologies

ELE Advanced Technologies gear up for a fight for talent during 2019 by partnering with Morgan Ryder Outsourcing.

Manesh Pandya, MD of ELE Advanced Technologies, takes a stand against inefficiency and risk brought on by the skill shortages and the growth in the number of recruitment agencies showing an interest in his business.  ELE boasts some of the finest engineering and machining processes available today, supplying customers across a wide range of market sectors. With a substantial pedigree in Aerospace Components, Industrial Gas Turbines and Commercial Diesel, they are more than familiar with competitive environments and the highest possible industry quality standards.  To compete for talent in a global market, Manesh has entered into a partnership with manufacturing specialist Morgan Ryder to enhance their approach.

The ELE story dates back to 1955 when Earby Light Engineers developed its reputation as a supplier to Rolls-Royce. Following a management buy-out in 2000, ELE was formed and, under its new leadership, set out to install the finest available technology necessary to compete against the best in the world. Engineering and business processes were developed which ensured that costs, quality and flexibility were of the highest possible standards.

The old UK factories were replaced with a purpose-built facility in Colne, Lancashire. ELE invested in niche processes in non-conventional machining and today continues to invest in advanced technologies. ELE recognise that competitive advantage can be gained by working with employees to develop the niche processes in non-conventional machining.

This investment soon produced results and within 5 years ELE had secured a significant share of the global market for blades and nozzles associated with land-based gas turbines. Working alongside the University of Manchester, new techniques and processes were developed which enabled ELE to develop new processes and improve its competitiveness. Investment continued in aerospace and commercial diesel sectors and today ELE remains one of the few companies in the world capable of producing fully machined turbine blades and vanes at a single site.  Their manufacturing facilities in Europe currently provide customers with exceptional flexibility, and class-leading levels of quality and delivery performance, while guaranteeing a cost competitive service.