Magellan Talent Supply Team

"When you’re part of Magellan, you’re part of a team!"


The European Division of Magellan Aerospace has entered into a partnership with Morgan Ryder who are an outsourced recruitment services provider dedicated to manufacturing and supply chain industries.  This is a strategic move to drive their employer brand and improve talent acquisition across their UK business.

​​Donna Bennett (European HR Director) said:

“In a market where unemployment is at an all-time low and the number of job opportunities available are at an all-time high, ensuring our business is calibrated to modern talent acquisition is crucial.  Whilst the HR team continue to nurture homegrown talent through internal training and development, to achieve the business plan we will need to reach out to, communicate with, attract and secure top talent externally.

Recruitment is a small part of the HR functions responsibility however it actually consumes significantly more time and resources than it should, especially when working with a diverse range of external recruitment suppliers.  This partnership will not only help re-align our business to modern talent acquisition it will actually free up significant time for the HR team and allow us to focus on the delivery of more strategic and operational projects. 

Conor Allen (Aerospace and Automotive Manufacturing Specialist) commented on the challenges that the business faces:

“The competition for talent across the manufacturing sector is fierce and top candidates have a choice of opportunities to pursue.  If you want to make it onto the radar of “the best” you need a solid employer brand and a marketing strategy to promote your organisations correctly.  Fortunately, Magellan already have all of the facets needed for a powerful employer brand, we just need to get them out there competing with other well known / household names in the manufacturing sector.”

Terry Murphy (Director of Morgan Ryder & Interim Head of Talent Supply Management for Magellan) said:

“In the coming months, Magellan will be making itself known to the wider UK talent pool via multiple media channels.  The objective of the Talent Supply Team is to streamline external recruitment practices with a view to fulfilling a high percentage of requirements internally.  Also, we are absolutely certain that strong relationships with reputable, knowledgeable recruiters will be needed and part of the project will involve reviewing and rebuilding the current agency supply base.”