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Modpack System

Modpack System launches new sales and customer support office in Merseyside, United Kingdom

Modpack System, a  specialist provider of Integrated Export Services, is pleased to announce the official opening of its West European sales and support office in Merseyside, United Kingdom.

Valentin Malaescu, company CEO says “The United Kingdom is one of the priority markets for Modpack System.  Our Company has always paid close attention to the UK market and also to its economic development plus we have already started offering services to many companies in this region. 

Our new UK office is a direct response to growing demand for integrated export services in this area.  Drawing on resources from our professional expertise and global experience, Modpack System aims to assist companies from the UK in realising all their logistics needs and contribute to improving the standards of modern integrated export services.

While our main goal is to ensure serving the interests of our customers, shareholders, business partners and employees, we also wish to extend a warm welcome to all UK companies seeking for export packaging, plant relocation and freight transport services, Valentin Malaescu says. “Our new UK office will be operational starting January 2018”. 

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