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Permanent Recruitment

Manufacturing |Process | Engineering | Supply Chain. 

To offer clients a truly consultative level of support across all areas, we are intentionally structured to reflect a typical organisation within our markets.

Our consultants are dedicated to their chosen field of recruitment and are true specialists within each of the departmental functions that are commonly found.  We are equipped to provide each department manager with the support from a recruitment specialist that fully understands them, their requirements and the demands of the vacancy in question.  

Visit the sector page that is relevant to you to explore these disciplines further.

Executive level:

  • All functions

Management, Supervisory, Skilled & Qualified:

  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Supply Chain & Procurement
  • Engineering
  • Quality & Technical
  • Health, Safety & Environmental
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Information Technology

The skills shortage across the sectors in which we operate is widely publicised, the UK average ratios of “suitable candidates per vacancy” is lower than ever and average salaries are increasing constantly.  Although our R3 ethos consumes more of our own resources and requires a more controlled start to an assignment, it does mean that efficiencies are significantly higher and the amount of hiring manager time required to fill a vacancy is minimised.

When filling a vacancy, our aim is the same as yours……to find the right person, first time, in the shortest amount of time, consuming minimum amounts of your time.  Peter Ross - Managing Director | Morgan Ryder Associates

RESEARCH Our approach is to meet with you, understand your requirements and profile your ideal candidate; where are they working now, what qualifications are needed, what experience is essential and what is preferred, the challenges that the new person would meet and their day to day duties. We interview candidates on a non-vacancy specific basis, in order to understand exactly their background/experience to date and why they are looking for a new position, this all forms part of the Research.We will then advise on how best to find suitable candidates in a quick and efficient manner; database search, managed advertising campaign or search & selection (headhunting).  Finally, we establish a timetable for the selection process, in order to meet the required start date.

RECRUITMENT We will attract a large volume of potentially suitable candidates and refine these down to a shortlist of typically four candidates per position. This is done via CV screening, telephone screening and for the final shortlist, face to face interviews. We will manage the whole process from the first interview to job offer and from resignation, through the notice period to the start date of the successful candidate. It normally takes no more than ten working days (sometimes it can be the very next day), from initial briefing to the commencement of first interviews. From the commencement of the campaign to the successful candidate starting work takes, on average, twenty working days and takes up, on average, nine management man-hours per new recruit.

RETENTION If we have carried out the Research with both the Client and the Candidate correctly and followed our Recruitment best practice, it will result in recruiting the right person who stays with your organisation and succeeds. Following this process has led to excellent staff Retention levels of 98.4% of candidates placed with our clients.

In Summary, R3 means

  • 98.4% levels of retention of new staff engaged via Morgan Ryder Associates
  • Typically no more than nine management man-hours to recruit
  • Usually no more than ten days from brief to first interviews taking place.
  • Successful campaigns take in the region of twenty days from initial brief to the start date of the new employee.

The thing is, we have been around for some time now and we know what works and what does not - call us, we would much rather talk to you.