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Two decades of activity across World-Class Manufacturing, Engineering & Third-party Logistics


With a heritage that dates back to 1978, Morgan Ryder Associates was originally part of a major PLC but was later reshaped by Founding Partners and Joint Group Managing Directors Peter Ross and Barry McKeown in 2002. The business focused on the delivery of Integrated Outsourced Recruitment support to Automotive OEM and First-Tier Suppliers across all parts of the sectors manufacturing supply chain. It was during these early programmes that we adopted lean principals for our own methods of best practice, and the constant drive for excellence also shaped our unique service delivery structure.

After 20 years of evolution, our industry activity has now spread across all corners of the manufacturing, process, engineering, and third-party logistics sectors plus today, we now have divisions that provide a wide range of workforce-related services including Recruitment, Executive Search, Interim Leadership, HR Consulting, Outplacement, Temporary Workforce Solutions, Employer Branding and a range of Outsourced Services.


Barry and Peter's vision was to create a true consultancy and be the business partner of choice within the markets that we serve. The strategy was to achieve this through a Consultant workforce that had industry-leading levels of stability and possessed unrivaled technical knowledge of both the disciplines that they recruit and the industries in which they operate.

Have they realised their vision? 

In 2020 we will be celebrating a 20-year service milestone for the longest-serving member of our team, Emma Brighouse, who is a renowned Supply Chain & Procurement specialist with a mature network of contacts spanning all levels. Like many members of our team, Emma has been able to follow members of her network across two decades of their career, building a strong rapport and understanding throughout.  It is this level of continuity and stability that makes the team so successful and keeps network members returning to Morgan Ryder for solutions. 

A testament to this is a long relationship with American Axel Manufacturing (AAM), a division that specialises in precision engineered components for the automotive industry. Our relationship with AAM is in its 13th year. Read more here:


Leading in a consultancy based service sector that is powered by reputation, relationships and referrals means that the integrity of our brand is hugely important to us.  We are extremely protective and proud of its strength in our markets.

Whilst the aesthetics of our brand have evolved over the last decade it has always carried the same message.  We see our role as being a facilitator, helping organisations position themselves correctly so that they can capture the attention of the industry’s very best candidates and helping candidates to find opportunities that have the potential to take their career to the next level. These elements are reflected in our company icon where Morgan Ryder (orange) is positioned behind two other stakeholders, Candidate and Employers.

Our group is known for being knowledgeable about the markets in which we operate and the disciplines that we recruit, largely down to the length of service of our delivery team. We receive regular feedback from both network members about how structured and methodical we are in our approach.

  • The Directors have over forty years of recruitment experience gained within large PLC organisations
  • Our Consultants have an industry-leading, average length of service of nine years
  • Overall, we have a collective experience of nearly 150 years within recruitment
  • All Consultants where previously top performers in other business sectors; bringing new skills, fresh ideas and approaches
  • All Consultants follow our methods of best practice and our “R3 Ethos” religiously
  • Long-term Investors In People
  • Consultants are not sales driven, they are entirely network focused
  • Each Consultant is dedicated to a specific area/discipline within our core industry sectors
  • Our Account Managers are industry specialists and are dedicated to a specific industry sector
  • 98% of our placements remain in employment long-term
  • Clients return to us time and time again; 96% repeat business ratio since our business was founded in 2002 

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