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Enhance Your Chances of Attracting New Talent


Enhance your chances of attracting new talent.

With unemployment at an all-time low in the UK, it's becoming harder and harder to attract new talent. So, ask yourself, when advertising a role within your organisation what will make you stand out from the crowd?

Production Manager (Food) £45,000 plus excellent benefits.

Is that headline enough to make someone want to apply for your position? If they work in the same industry on the same salary, well probably not!

£45,000 annual salary Plus 6% pension, private healthcare, 25 days holiday (increasing to 27 after 2 years service), childcare vouchers, free parking, team incentives, cycle to work scheme

List them like a shopping list!!!

Soft sells are becoming much more appealing to the candidate these days. So, what is important? Ask yourself, if it was you applying for the role, what would be important to you?

I recently spoke to a candidate about a role based on the outskirts of Ashton-under-Lyne. The role was very similar to the one they were already in. When I talked them through the role we came to the package. With regards to the salary, in all honesty, there wasn’t much difference. When I started to list the benefits he said “it mentions on the advert free parking”, I said, “yes, there is free parking”. The candidate's current position was in Manchester city centre and they were spending roughly £4500 per year on parking. £4500!!! Wow, I thought. Although the salary was the same, the free parking instantly increased his income by £4500 per year. Not just that, there was flexi-time, which allowed them to pick up their children an hour earlier from the afterschool club, again saving them a further £600 a year.

All these little things financially add up and make a difference. By talking through the package in detail and also advertising these perks in my advert, I instantly attracted somebody to the vacancy, who probably wouldn’t have bothered applying if I had just stated salary and benefits.

Just taking those few extra minutes writing my advert, stating everything from in-house training to free parking made a difference. It made someone apply for my role, who probably wouldn’t have applied for it if I hadn't stated the benefits in full.

If you are struggling to fill a position, then give me a call. Here at Morgan Ryder, we advise clients on salary and benefits to ensure that they are competitive with their competitors.

Janine Clark - Head of Operations & Marketing
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