Our Brand

Leading in a consultancy based service sector that is powered by reputation, relationships and referrals makes the integrity of our brand hugely important to us.  We are extremely protective and proud of it's strength in the markets that we operate in.

Whilst the aesthetics of our brand have evolved alongside our own success over the last decade it has always carried the same message.  We see our role as being a facilitator, helping organisations position themselves correctly so that they can capture the attention of the industry’s very best candidates and helping candidates to find opportunities that have the potential to take their career to the next level.  

These elements are reflected in our company icon where Morgan Ryder sits central but positioned behind the two primary parties of candidates and clients.

The team is known for being knowledgeable about the markets in which we operate and the disciplines that we recruit, largely down to the length of service of our delivery team – average of nine years. We receive regular feedback from both candidates and clients about how structured and methodical we are in our approach, leading to an efficient and successful recruitment process.