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Bridging the gaps between objectives, opportunities and talent.

Established in 2002, Morgan Ryder Outsourcing is the very foundation on which our group has been built. Created through a multifaceted partnership with Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM), we were shaped by lean, continuous improvement methodologies during a major industrial programme.

Today, you will find us bringing control and visibility to recruitment activities across all corners of manufacturing, helping process owners extract maximum value and reduce cost.

  • Interim consultancy across a range of subject matters

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Employer Branding

  • Hiring Manager Interview Training

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Payroll administration


  • Increase operational capacity within your HR function.

  • Remove non-value-added activities.

  • Reduce both direct and indirect costs from external recruitment.

  • Increase your capacity to source talent directly.

  • Drive improvement through robust, usable data.

  • Explore a network of specialist, generalist, regional and national recruiters, through a signle channel.

  • Have a dedicated, specialist recruitment “arm” for your HR Function – specialists in each of your departmental areas.

  • Drive performance within your existing supply base and further improve relationships.

  • Ensure all external recruitment complies with current/future legislation.

One set of terms & one invoice procedure

  • The process will be documented and kept for the required period of time

  • The recruitment process will be consistent across all areas of the business, saving management time

  • One point of contact for all recruitment – your account manager will handle all agency correspondence, terms of business, negotiations & claims

  • Your account manager will arrange/manage interview timetables

  • The number of candidates involved in the process is reduced to a select few who are suitable

Corporate Image / Reputation on the job market

  • All external advertising will be in line with your company image

  • Your vacancy opportunities will be promoted in the correct manner

  • All candidates will have a positive experience of your company

  • The standard of candidate sent forward for interview will be improved

  • All candidates will receive structured feedback

  • Those who are unsuccessful will be handled in a professional manner


  • A design team will be responsible for developing advertising campaigns

  • Your consultants will be responsible for writing the adverts and getting confirmation from the recruiting line manager

  • The correct route to market will be used depending on the nature of the vacancies

  • We can launch internal advertising campaigns and interview the entire response if needed

  • We will measure all applicants against a skills matrix

  • We will arrange interviews with the relevant line managers

Additional Support

  • We can conduct exit interviews and provide feedback to the line managers

  • Numerical and verbal reasoning testing

  • Thomas International Profiling

  • Design and manage assessment days

  • Competency-based interviews

Our Vendor Management services will integrate with your existing business processes such as finance, human resources, and purchasing.  They will free up significant time for each of these functions and each of your hiring managers during a recruitment process.

Thinking of making a career move? Send us your CV here and one of our Consultants will be in touch to arrange a discrete conversation at a time that is convenient to you >>

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