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Finishing last never felt so good!

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Like many, I have felt battered and bruised from the last 16 months and occasionally, questioned whether life would ever return to normal and whether I was "past my best".

After nearly 10 years away from the sport, I wanted to know if I was still capable, so I entered the next available Mountain Biking Enduro with an old colleague and good friend Tom Maloney(I taught Tom everything he knows about mountain biking!!!). We were up against Class-leading elite riders from across the country.

The result…..27 out of 30 in my category, 130ish out of 180 in total.

Yes, even Tom beat me (just).

I got thrashed, but I finished and loved it! There is still plenty of fight left in me and I feel like life can indeed return to normal.

It is amazing that simply attempting something, regardless of the outcome, can change your perspective on what is actually possible.
If you have been knocked down and don't think you can get back up, or your ambitions feel completely out of reach, how the hell are you going to find out unless you try?

Finishing first isn’t winning, it's just a result. Winning is simply having a go!

Now, where is that ice pack!.....

Terry Murphy - Morgan Ryder Executive